Sunday, May 27, 2012

27052012. 23:26


Hai, baru tergerak nak buka blog, melawat blog sendiri. Heh, sunyinya. Dah lama tak update blog. Macam banyak je nak cerita dekat sini. Tapi entah bila nak datang mood rajin tuu. haha. Pemalas macam hape! -.-

Sekarang tengah cuti sem. Tiga minggu je cuti. Alhamdulillah. Next semester dah final for foundation. May Allah ease my way. Amin. Doakan eh =')



  1. Salam to sister amalina, may you be in the best of faith and health. Nice to read your blog, maybe i can be an enthusiastic follower of your post, i also like to use slide share, its great and marvellous, once again nice knowing you and may your wishes be granted by Allah. coincidentally i am also alaydrous, in 2010 i visited our great great grandfather tomb in Aden, Yemen , the grandmaster alaydrus where we all got our surname from.

    1. Assalam. May Allah bless you always. Thanks for reading my blog. It just a simple blog of mine, and have no much time to update it. Nice to know you too. May I know where are you from? MasyaAllah, its good to hear that. Do you have AlAydrus' family tree? Can you tell me more about AlAydrus? :)